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Farmers of Wayanad

Wayanad, located in the Western Ghats, with 42% forest, 2100 Meters altitude and over 2300 MM rainfall over a year. Having a population of 8.5 Lakhs, in that 90% of are either farmers or farm labours.

            The agrarian crisis and farmer's distress in Wayanad has led to farmers taking extreme steps with suicides. Price declines, weather conditions and increased cost of production all leading to increasing debts and crisis.

             We are taking a small step towards this farm crisis by passing over an extra income back to the farmers earned through e-commerce.

            Here, we Wayanad Green Fresh procure the raw materials directly from farmer collective societies. Thus we make sure the farmers are getting right income for the crops without the middle men. To know more about the farmers of Wayanad and the crops, write us at


Rice Paddy cultivation

Paddy Cultivation

Tharuvana, Wayanad