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Farmers of Wayanad

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Nestled within the lush Western Ghats, Wayanad boasts 42% forest cover, an elevation of 2100 meters, and an annual rainfall of over 2300 MM. This captivating region, home to 8.5 Lakhs of people, is where 90% are dedicated farmers or farm laborers.

However, the agrarian crisis and the plight of Wayanad's farmers have taken a toll, with extreme measures like suicides becoming distressingly common. Factors such as plummeting prices, unpredictable weather conditions, and rising production costs have exacerbated the debt crisis.

At Wayanad Green Fresh, we've embarked on a small yet impactful mission to address this farm crisis. By channeling the extra income generated through e-commerce back to the hardworking farmers, we aim to provide them with the support they need.

Our commitment to this cause involves sourcing raw materials directly from farmer collective societies, ensuring that they receive fair compensation for their crops, without the interference of middlemen. To delve deeper into the lives of Wayanad's farmers and the incredible crops they cultivate, please contact us at


Rice Paddy cultivation

Paddy Cultivation

Tharuvana, Wayanad