NON - Oil Extracted Genuine Kerala Spices

What we believe

                Our primary aim is to introduce indigenous items of Wayanad to everyone, especially the Coffee grown in Wayanad. Other than procure, manufacture and trade, we ensure the farmer gets the right income, and we make sure it by sourcing it directly from farmer’s collectives and societies.

                 These collectives or societies usually procure in a higher rate than the only available local market.

                We are always committed and thankful to the farmers and we stand beside them. While buying a product from us, it is an initiative to reach it to your hands from the farmer directly.


Mr. Mathai , Farmer since 40 years, Meenangadi, Wayanad, Kerala


“Agriculture start-ups are giving hope to us. Not only the better price we get, but also the consumer can get to know about us, that gives hope.”

Mr. Mathai, Meenanagady, Wayanad , Kerala

Farmer since 40 years

Main crops are : Pepper, Rice, Ginger and Aracanut